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Neurodance has moved venues. Nocturne Nightclub is the new home, and last weekend was the inaugural night. The energy in the club was amazing, the people were awesome, and the music blew the roof off! It was a memorable night.

Here’s a sampling of just my favorite pictures.

Photographer’s notes:

I was excited to shoot this saturday night for several reasons. For one, a new venue presents new challenges, but mostly because I was trying out two new things. Wireless flash triggering and a new gadget I built (build details here) to aid in auto-focusing in low light. The new gadget is essentially a defocused laser pointer triggered by an off camera push button.

Wireless flash trigger

The wireless flash triggers I used are Yongnuo RF-602. The only issue I had with them was that the sync speed I could achieve was only 1/100. Maybe this was because I had the transmitter hooked to the camera through the PC sync cord. I don’t know. It only posed a problem until I figured out to keep the shutter speed under 1/100, then everything was fine.

Multiple off camera flashes

I set up 2 off camera flashes on the two ends of the room, pointing at each other. The flashes were mounted on top of a speaker on one side, and attached to the cage on the other, probably 8ft high. If I remember correctly, the Minolta flash was set to 1/16 power and the Sigma flash was at 1/8? (Have to check). Even though the power level was so low, there was an abundant amount of light produced. I was shooting at f2.0 all night with a shutter speed of 1/100. I only adjusted the ISO to match the amount of light in the area. ISO varied between 100 and 400. I was very pleased to be able to shoot with such a low ISO in a club environment. In combination with the AF assist tool, the images came out exceptionally sharp. It certainly has set a new standard for image quality for myself with this.

The AF Assist Tool

Even thought the tool design is still in its infancy, I was VERY pleased with the results it provided me. It was difficult to decide what images to keep when I started sorting through the images since I had an unusually high number of sharp/in-focus shots. Considerably more in focus shots then at any other club even I’ve been at. I am seriously going to develop this tool further.

On the negative side, the pushbutton is kinda awkward to hold and operate, which is why the next design will loose the pushbutton.

Equipment used was a Canon 40D, 50mm f1.4, Sigma 35mm f1.4,  Sigma EF-500 DG super flash, Minolta AF 4000 and a AF assist gadget.

Proof-Neurodance 2.5-001Proof-Neurodance 2.5-002Proof-Neurodance 2.5-003Proof-Neurodance 2.5-004Proof-Neurodance 2.5-005Proof-Neurodance 2.5-006Proof-Neurodance 2.5-007Proof-Neurodance 2.5-008Proof-Neurodance 2.5-009Proof-Neurodance 2.5-010Proof-Neurodance 2.5-011Proof-Neurodance 2.5-012Proof-Neurodance 2.5-013Proof-Neurodance 2.5-014Proof-Neurodance 2.5-015Proof-Neurodance 2.5-016Proof-Neurodance 2.5-017Proof-Neurodance 2.5-018Proof-Neurodance 2.5-019Proof-Neurodance 2.5-020Proof-Neurodance 2.5-021Proof-Neurodance 2.5-022Proof-Neurodance 2.5-023Proof-Neurodance 2.5-024Proof-Neurodance 2.5-025Proof-Neurodance 2.5-027Proof-Neurodance 2.5-028Proof-Neurodance 2.5-029Proof-Neurodance 2.5-030Proof-Neurodance 2.5-031Proof-Neurodance 2.5-032Proof-Neurodance 2.5-033Proof-Neurodance 2.5-034Proof-Neurodance 2.5-035Proof-Neurodance 2.5-036Proof-Neurodance 2.5-037


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  1. Rick 31 May ’11 at 11:03 pm #

    This is definitely a nice set of photos, well worth the effort you put into the AF-assist laser pointer.

    Out of curiosity, did anyone complain about the effect of the flashes?

  2. Steven 1 Jun ’11 at 3:02 am #

    With your newfangled focus assist thingamajig, you could probably get away with dialing down the power settings on your flash units even more.

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