Kinetik Festival 4 Photo Book

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K4 Photo Book:

In collaboration with Kinetik Productions, we are proud to present the first ever Kinetik Festival photo book:

‘Kinetik Festival 4 – Five Days of Live Music Photography‘.

With crowds gathering from across the globe, the festival took place between 19 May 2011 – 23 May 2011 in Montreal, Canada.

The book consists of nearly 120 pages packed with incredible photographs capturing the essence of the performing bands. Printed on high quality paper, The photo book comes in either a beautiful and large 8×10″ landscape format or a smaller 7×7″ square format. Both book sizes contain exactly the same gorgeous full color full page photographs. You also have a choice of soft cover, hard cover with sleeve or printed hard cover.

Quite a souvenir to re-live the 5 days of the 2011 festival, or to see what was missed (if one didn’t go).
This book will make a great coffee table photo book for any industrial music fan.

As the Kinetik Festival 5 photo book is much cheaper, I have decided to sell the remaining stock of the Kinketik Festival 4 Photo Book at comparable prices.

For more deals, see the Kinetik Festival 5 photo book page for a COMBO DEAL of Kinetik Festival 5 and Kinetik Festival 4 photo book.

Some images in the book preview below look very grainy. This is only a display issue (due to image re-sizing for web viewing) and does not affect the printed image. The images in the book are buttery smooth and clean.