Neurodance 15 (aka 2.03)

Proof-Neurodance 15-042

Yet another epic event at Club Neutral! The place was packed both with awesome people and awesome music.

Here’s a sampling of just my favorite pictures. 

Photographer’s notes:

I brought with me again the gadget that I hacked. It’s main purpose is to project an AF assist beam on the subject, while removing the flash from it’s normal location on the hot shoe, and attach it to an extension cord.

The tool had it’s pros and cons.
By separating the AF assist beam and actual flash, the flexibility of what kind of shots I could achieve grew considerably. On the con side,  the flash power seemed to always be 100%. the E-TTL didn’t work properly. I suspect it was because the electronic in the flash were always fighting with the electronics in the ST-E2 (AF assist unit on the camera hotshoe).

A lot more testing and fine tuning is required for sure, but as a first time test, I was happy.

Gadgets aside, Club Neutral was packed, and as happy as I was to see such a huge turnout, it was very hard to shoot people. That’s actually not entirely accurate. The challenge was getting the light I wanted to the people I wanted to photograph.

Most shots were taken at  wide apertures of  about f/1.4 to f/2.8 ish, at 1/100 to 1/250 shutter speeds, and ISO 800 (which I was pleased with since the images were much smoother looking and less noisy)

Equipment used was a Canon 40D, and mainly the 50mm f1.4, and a Sigma EF-500 DG super flash and a AF assist gadget. I think I shot 2 photos with the canon 85mm f1.8 lens.

Proof-Neurodance 15-001Proof-Neurodance 15-002Proof-Neurodance 15-003Proof-Neurodance 15-004Proof-Neurodance 15-005Proof-Neurodance 15-006Proof-Neurodance 15-007Proof-Neurodance 15-008Proof-Neurodance 15-009Proof-Neurodance 15-010Proof-Neurodance 15-011Proof-Neurodance 15-012Proof-Neurodance 15-013Proof-Neurodance 15-014Proof-Neurodance 15-015Proof-Neurodance 15-016Proof-Neurodance 15-017Proof-Neurodance 15-018Proof-Neurodance 15-019Proof-Neurodance 15-020Proof-Neurodance 15-021Proof-Neurodance 15-022Proof-Neurodance 15-023Proof-Neurodance 15-024Proof-Neurodance 15-025Proof-Neurodance 15-026Proof-Neurodance 15-027Proof-Neurodance 15-028Proof-Neurodance 15-029Proof-Neurodance 15-030Proof-Neurodance 15-031Proof-Neurodance 15-032Proof-Neurodance 15-033Proof-Neurodance 15-034Proof-Neurodance 15-035Proof-Neurodance 15-036Proof-Neurodance 15-037Proof-Neurodance 15-038Proof-Neurodance 15-039Proof-Neurodance 15-040Proof-Neurodance 15-042Proof-Neurodance 15-043Proof-Neurodance 15-044Proof-Neurodance 15-048_1

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