Zombie Walk Toronto, 2011

Proof-Zombie_Walk_Toronto-2011-033I had lived in Toronto for more then 10 years, and only last year I found out about the Toronto Zombie Walk. And now that I don’t live there anymore, I actually decided to go and take some pictures.

Photographer’s notes:

I mainly used a Canon 85mm f1.8 lens for 90% of the shots. I did switch to a Canon 50mm f1.8, but I didn’t like the framing. A Canon 420EX was also used, triggered by a Pocket Wizard TT5/TT1 trigger combo. The camera was my trusted Canon 40D.

The lighting was overcast, and I was hoping to use the 420EX as a key light, and have the ambient fill in. It didn’t quite work as I expected. The light of the flash gave a lit of specular highlights on the faces of the zombies, mainly due to the small size of the light source. A larger/softer light may have matched the already overcast/diffuse lighting of the day.
Even thought I had the flash off the camera, I was not able to get much directional lighting on the subjects. Likely the flash/lens separation was not sufficient. May consider putting the flash on a post/lamp stand somewhere and shoot from further away.

The Photos:





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