God Module Seance Tour in Toronto June 2012


The show that Mordacious, Twitch the Ripper and God Module put on was amazing. The audience was totally immersed in the experience and the energy was contagious. Incredible night.

Photographer’s notes:

Neu+ral is smaller then I remember it. I had a difficult time shooting there that night. Shooting large venues is easier in some ways.
I think the fact that everything was so cramped is what intimidated me the most. There is very little flexibility to where to put the lights and where to stand to shoot. I had to improvise a GoBo for each light to control the light was spilling which worked pretty well.
And the fact that there was no stage (the artist was on the same floor as the crowds) made shooting a little more difficult in that there were always people’s heads and limbs in the way. This was not so bad for the first two bands (Mordacious and Twitch the Ripper) but when God Module came on, everyone was right up front.
Also, the AF Assistant  didn’t get used since it wasn’t working, because of which I missed focus on quite a few occasions.

Equipment used was a Canon 5Dmk2, Canon 50mm f1.4, Canon 85mm f1.8,  two Canon 550EX flashes, PocketWizard FlexTT5 (x2) and MiniTT1 flash triggers.

The Photos:

God Module


Twitch the Ripper




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