Kinetik Festival 4 Photos : Day 4


The bands that played today were: Squarehead, System Sin, Brudershaft, Assemblage 23, Solitary Experiments, Covenant and Mind in the Box.
For some technical details on my photography, read my Kinetik4 Learning experience blog posts.

Most of the following images were used in my Kinetik Festival 4 Photo Book.

Assemblage23-Kinetik4-007Assemblage23-Kinetik4-008Assemblage23-Kin Experiments-Kinetik4-002Solitary Experiments-Kinetik4-007Solitary Experiments-Kinetik4-010Solitary Experiments-Kinetik4-012Solitary Experiments-Kinetik4-013Solitary Experiments-Kinetik4-014Squarehead-Kinetik4-001Squarehead-Kinetik4-007Squarehead-Kinetik4-008Squarehead-Kinetik4-009Squarehead-Kinetik4-011Squarehead-Kinetik4-013System Sin-Kinetik4-001System Sin-Kinetik4-002System Sin-Kinetik4-003System Sin-Kinetik4-004System Sin-Kinetik4-005

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