Neurodance 3.05



May 5th 2012 held the 29th Neurodance event. It took place at  Nocturne Night Club. I came out of that evening with some great shots thanks to the amazing DJs and the fabulous crowd that came out that night to dance the night away!  Thank you everyone.

Photographer’s notes:

The photos that came out of that night were great. Fog is normally a challenge to deal with but on this night, I made it work to my advantage, and there were times when I was actually waiting for the fog machine to kick in rather then the other way around.
I made a snoot (full snoot) and placed it on a 550ex, zoomed to 105mm then placed the flash near Dreamstate Seven (DJ). The light from the snoot lit up the fog beautifully in a narrow beam of light, and lit up the target as well with just the right amount of light.

I also learned to look down the flash a little more carefully to get an idea what gets lit and what doesn’t, when using a partial snoot or rather a gobo.

Equipment used was a Canon 5Dmk2, Canon 50mm f1.4, Canon 85mm f1.8,  two Canon 550EX flashes, PocketWizard FlexTT5 (x2) and MiniTT1 flash triggers and my AF Assistant.

The Photos:


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