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Neurodance 3.06


Neurodance events don’t seem to be able to disappoint, and this night was no different.
The beats were pounding in both rooms, the crowds were alive and the energy was incredible. What a night. Continue reading »

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Neurodance 3.05



May 5th 2012 held the 29th Neurodance event. It took place at  Nocturne Night Club. I came out of that evening with some great shots thanks to the amazing DJs and the fabulous crowd that came out that night to dance the night away!  Thank you everyone. Continue reading »

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Neuinstallation : The Gothsicles, Detroit Diesel, Aliceffekt and Skylightglare

Proof-NeuInstallation01-Sept2011-145Attended the first Neuinstallation show last weekend. What an amazing experience. The bands put on such a phenomenal performance it would be hard to choose a favorite.

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Neurodance 2.5

Proof-Neurodance 2.5-002

Neurodance has moved venues. Nocturne Nightclub is the new home, and last weekend was the inaugural night. The energy in the club was amazing, the people were awesome, and the music blew the roof off! It was a memorable night.

Here’s a sampling of just my favorite pictures.

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Proof-Zen DJs 10July2010-2010-07-10-23-22-02


Attended Zen last night (at Nocturne Night Club), and snapped off a few shots of the DJs.

I had underestimated how dark it is in clubs. Photographing the crowd is not easy with that amount of ambient light. Next time I come out, I’ll have to bring a flash with a remote trigger. Continue reading »

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