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What I learned from shooting at Kinetik Festival 5

It’s been 365 days since the last Kinetik Festival, where I shot my first 5 day music festival. I had learned a lot over those 5 days, and I kept a loose log about what types of things I came across that weekend, in hopes to document my learning. That documentation took shape in the form of two posts: post 1, and post 2.

I came to Kinetik this year with some new knowledge about lighting, some new equipment and a desire to experiment and learn some more.

As it is to be expected, the lighting at most concerts is all over the place, and Metropolis was no different. From barely enough light to too much light, and from one color to another, it can all change in seconds. And then there’s the artificial fog….

This is my account of the experience I had at Club Metropolis in Montreal over the Kinetik Festival 5 music festival. Continue reading »

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Kinetik Festival 5 Previews : Phase 3


Phase 3 is now over. Last night we had Aliceffekt, End.User, C-Lekktor, FGFC820, Noisex, Hocico and Iszoloscope.

Enjoy the photos of my daily preview. Continue reading »

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Kinetik Festival 5 Previews : Phase 2


Kinetik Festival 5 has completed another phase the this amazing festival. Last night (18 May 2012) Metropolis was home to  Phase 2. We saw, Cenotype, Shiv-R, Klangstabil, Hypr,  Grendel, Haujobb, Panzer AG, Heimataerde. What an great lineup!

Enjoy the photos!

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Kinetik Festival 5 Previews : Phase 1

Proof-IMG_5799The 5th incarnation of Kinetik Festival has officially began. Even thought Winterkaelte cancelled days before, the lineup was still amazing.  The bands that payed the first night of the festival were Projekt F, Adversary, Orphx, Nachtmahr, Combichrist and E-Craft.

I am experimenting with some new ideas and technologies for this festival I will post a detailed description of my setup when I get some time. In the mean time, enjoy some photos! Continue reading »

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Neurodance 3.05



May 5th 2012 held the 29th Neurodance event. It took place at  Nocturne Night Club. I came out of that evening with some great shots thanks to the amazing DJs and the fabulous crowd that came out that night to dance the night away!  Thank you everyone. Continue reading »

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Kinetik Festival 4 Photo Book Giveaway

In celebration of the Kinetik Festival 5,  Onsendesigns Photography and the awesome team at ISN Radio are giving away a photo book of the festival’s 4th year. Enter now for your chance to win.
Enter every day and share the contest for a chance at even more entries (see the link below for details). Contest closes on May 15, so you’ve only got just over a week left!

Enter your details at the link below on the ISN Radio Facebook app:

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Faderhead and Encephalon


On 01 April 2012 Faderhead and Ecephalon played a small stage on Queen street in Toronto Canada.
Even though it was a Sunday night, nobody cared about the work day the next morning.  The energy was extreme as both bands rocked the house that night. Excellent performance by both bands. Superb!

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How I use a flash for concert photography

Suicide Commando-Kinetik4-002A friend recently asked me about how I shoot with flashes at concerts these days as he was looking into adding a flash to his concert photography. As I was chatting with him I realized that my experience with this topic could be helpful to others as well.

Basically what I try to accomplish with flash photography is to give myself control of the lighting at the venue where otherwise lighting is all over the map. That’s it in a nut-shell.
I add light to the scene to illuminate the artist enough and create an interesting shot. I try to create some dramatic lighting (like side light, or back light) which generally looks good to me. Continue reading »

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EBMfest 2011 Photo Book

On October 16, five bands congregated at the Mod Club in Toronto, Canada to rock the roof off the yearly festival know as EBMfest.
This year at EMBfest 2011, the awesome lineup included Prospero, Fractured, Decoded Feedback, Ayria and Funker Vogt.

I have compiled a 38 page photo book packed with images that showcase the energy present in the club that day.

EBMfest 2011 Photo Book

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17 Watts at Scots Corner


Small venue means an intimate experience, and 17Watts did not disappoint.  The band performs amazing cover songs; everything from oldies to rock and pop favorites. Great performance!

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Neurodance 2.11 – 64 bit Intustrial Techno


This past weekend  Nocturne Night Club hosted again the monthly Neurodance event.  I can’t say enough great things about Neurodance. The music was amazing as usual and the audience were great!

I had a great night photographing the event. Continue reading »

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EBMfest 2011


What an amazing show! EBMfest 2011 was certainly one to remember. The atmosphere was  incredible, the audience was full of energy and the bands were out of this world. The lineup consisted of Prospero, Fractured, Decoded Feedback, Ayria and Funker Vogt.

The Mod Club in Toronto was lucky to have these awesome artist perform on Sunday October 16, 2011.
Thank you!

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